Indivisible by 505 Games Rated: Teen

Platform: PlayStation 4, XBO One, Windows
Released date: October 8, 2019
Rated: Teen
Developer: Lab Zero Games
Publisher: 505 Games
Composer: Hiroki Kikuta
Release Region date
NA: October 8, 2019
EU: October 11, 2019
Genre: Action role-playing, platformer
Mode: Single-player


Resolute is another RPG IP, featuring Ajna (AHZH-na), a young lady who sets out on a globe-traversing adventure to find reality behind her secretive forces.

On her mission, she is joined by an assortment of one of a kind saints and increases new capacities to navigate the situations and destruction the adversaries they experience en route.

An activity RPG that tells the story of Ajna, a genial boyish girl with an insubordinate streak. Raised by her dad on the edges of their rustic town, her life is tossed into mayhem when her house is assaulted and a puzzling force stirs inside her.

Worked with the extraordinary characters and interactivity profundity Lab Zero is known for, Indivisible makes a new turn on move/RPG ongoing interaction, highlighting a profound storyline propelled by Southeast Asian and other world folklores.

Lab Zero’s trademark include quality 2D hand-drawn activity and a rich soundtrack from incredible Secret of Mana writer Hiroki Kikuta further enhance and improve the game.


Resolute will include stage style Action RPG investigation and battle mechanics roused by Valkyrie Profile.


The game pursues the tale of Ajna (voiced by Tania Gunadi), a young lady who sets out on a worldwide adventure to find reality behind her strange forces. During her mission, she is joined by an assortment of remarkable legends, increasing new capacities to navigate various conditions and thrashing foes experienced en route.


Inseparable was reported by Lab Zero Games during their Skullgirls board at the Anime Expo on July 2, 2015.According to the engineer, the game will incorporate a storyline affected by southeast Asian folklore and different societies. It will likewise include 2D hand-drawn liveliness by Lab Zero Games’ artists.Composer Hiroki Kikuta, best known for his work on Secret of Mana, scored the game’s soundtrack The game highlights activity by Japanese anime Studio Trigger and Titmouse with the opening movement coordinated by Yoh Yoshinari of Little Witch Academia.

Lab Zero Games propelled a crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo on October 5, 2015, with an objective of US$1,500,000.A playable model of the game was discharged couple with the launch.If Lab Zero Games met or surpassed their objective, distributer 505 Games would contribute their residual advancement budget.The crusade’s underlying 40-day commitment period confronted generally drowsy gathering pledges, gaining around $764,000 by November 8, 2015. Be that as it may, on November 13, 2015, the crusade was stretched out for an extra 20 days after the game got generally US$963,000 in vows, over Indiegogo’s required 60% threshold.Following the expansion, the objective was in the end come to on December 2, 2015.The game will be discharged on October 8, 2019.