WWE RAW 6/24/19 – 24th June 2019 – 24/6/2019 Preview

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WWE RAW 6/24/19 – 24th June 2019 – 24/6/2019 Preview

The potential main event of tonight’s WWE Raw will witness AJ Styles coming back to action after a hiatus of more than a month. He was present at the backstage of Stomping Grounds and confronted the new United States Champion, Ricochet. A challenge was thrown by The Club members producing a dream match for the fans over the mid-card title

DATE: June 24th, 2019



Quick Hits
* Fallout of Seth vs Corbin, Becky Vs Evans continues.
* Might have a mixed tag match between Seth & Becky Vs Corbin & Evans. ( just a prediction )
* Roman Reigns Vs Drew Mcintyre & Shane Fallout
* Paul Heyman might get a segment.
* WWE 24×7 Title Will get a segment.
* A tag segment for usos or other tag teams.
* BrayWatt Firefly Fun House Setment.
* More match cards after official match card out.