WWE Smackdown Live 7/16/19 Part 5

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WWE Smackdown Live 7/16/19

Daniel Bryan and Rowan walking. Bryan has a career-altering announcement up next. We go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and out comes The New Day – WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and new SmackDown Tag Team Champions Big E and Xavier Woods.

They all congratulate each other for their big wins at WWE Extreme Rules. Big E mocks Daniel Bryan and his announcements. Big E goes on to accept Bryan’s tag team title rematch before he even asks for it. The music hits and out comes Bryan with Rowan to the stage.

Bryan looks to speak but he’s changed his mind. He turns and walks to the back as The New Day looks on from the ring. Graves says they have spoiled Bryan’s announcement. Bryan comes walking back out with Rowan. He looks angry but ready to speak. Bryan turns back around and walks to the back again. Bryan and Rowan come walking out for a third time. Fans chant for The New Day as Bryan goes to speak. He doesn’t speak but he looks around at the crowd again, and at The New Day. Bryan drops the mic and walks to the back again as fans boo.

The music hits and out comes Samoa Joe as The New Day looks on from the ring. Joe says it seems Bryan isn’t in the mood for championship opportunities but he is. Joe knocks Woods and Big E, and challenges Kofi to put the WWE Title on the line tonight. Fans cheer. Joe waits for an answer. The music interrupts and out comes Elias. Elias says with all due respect, Joe had his chance at Extreme Rules and it didn’t work out. Elias says if anyone is primed and ready to take the title from Kofi, he is. The music hits and out comes Randy Orton to join Elias and Joe on the stage next. Orton says it’s been a while since he had the title around his waist, so he thinks he’s going to take it from Kofi, and he’s going to do it with the three most dangerous letters in WWE – RKO. Elias says they can’t all have title matches tonight, but us three can send a message to the other three in the ring. The New Day asks if that’s a challenge. They huddle and discuss, then accept the match, playa. Orton says he’s good on a six-man. Orton turns around and walks to the back. Kofi takes the mic and taunts Orton, calling him a little limp. Orton stops and listens, then turns back around. Orton marches to the ring as his music hits