AEW Fight for The Fallen 2019 7/13/19 Part 11

AEW Fight for The Fallen 2019 7/13/19

Jericho wonders where he’ll go from there if he does lose, so he has to beat “The Hangman.” Jericho says at All Out, he will be the champion and without him AEW wouldn’t exist. He then says Page is nothing but a “little b—-,” Page charges the ring and takes down Jericho. Officials and referees try to pull them away from each other and Page takes out some of the officials. Now some wrestlers have come out to stop things. Jericho ends up out on the floor and makes his way to the stage. Avalon is out there and the crowd is “shushing” as Jericho heads backstage. Page is still pissed off as he makes his way to the back.They drop Nick, but Matt leaps off the top rope for a crossbody, taking out both Rhodes. Nick with a pop-up dropkick on Dustin. Another kick sends Cody off the apron and to the floor. Nick and Matt with stereo planchas over the top rope. They mock the Rhodes yet again. Crowd with an “older brother” chant. Dustin back in the ring with Matt, punch to the face, Nick trips up Dustin, allowing Matt to hit a dropkick. Nick with a facebuster, then moonsault off the apron on Cody.