AEW Fight for The Fallen 2019 7/13/19 Part 12

AEW Fight for The Fallen 2019 7/13/19

Cody and Dustin Rhodes vs. The Young Bucks
They drop Nick, but Matt leaps off the top rope for a crossbody, taking out both Rhodes. Nick with a pop-up dropkick on Dustin. Another kick sends Cody off the apron and to the floor. Nick and Matt with stereo planchas over the top rope. They mock the Rhodes yet again. Crowd with an “older brother” chant. Dustin back in the ring with Matt, punch to the face, Nick trips up Dustin, allowing Matt to hit a dropkick. Nick with a facebuster, then moonsault off the apron on Cody.Cody and Nick shake hands as we get things started. Cody shoots for a single leg takedown, Nick finds his way to the ropes. Nick with some side headlock takeovers, couple counters. Cody claps and looks for another handshake, Nick kicks it away this time. Cody challenges Nick to take him down, doesn’t happen, Cody flexes in front of Nick and gets slapped in the face. Nick slides out to the floor, tries to catch Cody with a move, no. Back in the ring, both look to finish each other off, but no luck. Matt and Dustin get in the ring for a moment. Dustin tags in, facebuster on Nick, uppercut on Matt, Cody does the same, double clothesline sends Matt out to the floor.