AEW Fight for The Fallen 2019 7/13/19 Part 13

AEW Fight for The Fallen 2019 7/13/19

Cody throws Matt, and Matt ends up going towards Dustin, sending him off the apron. Matt then sends Cody on the ramp, Cody gets back in the ring and eats a spear from Matt. Nick looking for the tag, gets it and takes down both Cody and Dustin. Nick with a kick to Dustin, stomp to the back, then hits a rolling backstabber on Cody. Double figure-four leg locks on The Young Bucks. All four wrestlers hit lariats on each other and are down until about seven. Dustin tags himself in, spinning power slams on Nick and then Matt. Dustin with a flipping senton off the apron while Cody flies over him with a crossbody. Dustin sets Nick up for shatter dreams. Matt tags himself in, Matt sneaks in with a superkick. Meltzer driver, Cody with a kick on Nick to break that up, then a disaster kick on Matt. Assisted cross rhodes hits, cover, Nick with a senton off the top rope to break up the pin.

Dustin punching Nick in the face, Nick gets in there with Cody and they all swing away wildly. The referee ends up getting popped during that sequence and is down. Cody and Dustin go for stereo shatter dreams while Rick Knox is down. Cody looks for another step-up crossbody and eats double superkicks. The Young Bucks now eye Dustin in the ring. Dustin fights them off for a moment, but then gets popped with a superkick, another kick, elbow drop off the top rope by Matt, cover, two. Dustin with a Yoshi tonic. Cody back in there and eats some kicks. Cody no holding the back of his head where those staples where. Bucks wait a moment, then stereo superkick him, cover, Dustin flies in and breaks that up. Young Bucks pull off the Rhodes’ uppercut, Cody and Dustin hit superkicks, cross rhodes hit on Cody, cover, two. Nick with the step-up dive on Dustin out on the floor. Matt lifts Cody, Meltzer driver hits, 1-2-3.

Winners: The Young Bucks win via PinfallCody takes off the weight belt and whacks Matt over the back with it. Matt is now sat on the top turnbuckle, super reverse suplex hits, cover, two. Matt recovers, tries to charge into Cody in the corner, nobody home and Matt goes all the way into the ring post. Dustin tagged in and he continues to focus on that damaged shoulder. Cody back in there, stomping away at Matt. Cody spits towards Nick (who spat at Cody earlier on). Rhodes brothers in control of the match at the moment, still working on Matt’s bad shoulder, slowing things way down.Matt with some hard shots in the corner on Dustin. Dustin really getting worked over, needs to tag out. Young Bucks both knock Cody off the apron. Dustin with a double back body drop on Matt and Nick. Dustin gets to his corner, but Cody isn’t there. Dustin hits a spinebuster on Matt. Dustin looks to tag out, Nick then trips Cody off the apron. Nick then mockingly says “Tag me!” Dustin punches him in the face. Matt then drops Dustin. Dustin heads to the top rope and hits twisting crossbody on both opponents. Cody gets the tag, drops both brothers, dragon leg screw on Nick. Lifts and dumps Matt to the mat. Cody heads to the top rope and hits a moonsault on a standing Nick Jackson. Matt out to the ramp, Cody slingshots himself over and slams into Matt.