AEW Fight for The Fallen 2019 7/13/19 Part 2

AEW Fight for The Fallen 2019 7/13/19

– Britt Baker & Riho vs. Bea Priestley & Shoko Nakajima: Nakajima and Baker, and Nakajima starts off strong keeping Baker grounded. Naker fights back with some kicks, but Nakajima keeps control with a dropkick, then tags in Priestley. Priestly continues the offense until Riho gets the tag and hits a shot off the top. Priestly isn’t down for long and she starts working over Riho’s arm. Nakajim and Priestly trade tags and take turns working over Riho’s arm. Riho finally fights back and then tags in Baker. Baker cleans house and hits a hanging neckbreaker on Nakajima for a two count. Baker hits a superkick and a suplex for another two count. They brawl on the floor and then Nakajima hits a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Riho tags in and hits a knee to Priestley’s neck for a two count. Riho misses a shot, but comes back with a sropkick for another two count. Nakajima tags in, but runs into a knee strike and then a Northern Light suplex. Riho hits a double stomp off the top for a two count. Nakajima fights back with a lariat and a double underhook DDT. She looks for a Senton off the top but misses, and Riho capitalizes with a knee to her face. Nakajima comes back with a step-up hurricanrana that leads to a pin for the three count.

Winners: Bea Priestley & Shoko Nakajima

– After the bell, Baker and Priestley go at it until they’re pulled apart by their partners.

– Backstage, Kip Sabin cuts a promo on Adam Page. Kip says he’s not just going to be another name on the roster, and he wants to prove he’s not just the best from his country, he’s the best in the world.

– Jim Ross makes his entrance and sits down at the commentary table. J.R. introduces the main show, up next.