AEW Fight for The Fallen 2019 7/13/19 Part 7

AEW Fight for The Fallen 2019 7/13/19

– SCU (with Christopher Daniels) vs. The Lucha Brothers SCU cuts a brief promo before the match. Kazarian and Fenix start this one off with a collar and elbow tie-up. They trade shots until the apron clears and the referee has to restore order. Pentagon and Scorpio Sky tag in and have a dance-off. Pentagon connects with a superkick, and then Fenix and Kaz tag in, and the Lucha Bros double team Kaz. The Lucha Brothers slide outside and double superkick Daniels on the floor, then they superkick Sky. They rip off Daniels’ shirt and then slap him on the chest. Then they do the same chops to Sky. Daniels gets involved and helps turn things around for SCU. Back in the ring, The Lucha Brothers finally fight back and they start double teaming Kazarian. Sky gets the tag and starts going at it with Pentagon. Pentagon hits the Canadian Destroyer on Sky for a two count. Fenix goes up top and they do a double team slam/foot stomp for the three count.

Winners: The Lucha Brothers

– After the match, the Lucha Brothers attack SCU with a ladder and clear the ring. They cut a brief promo after the match.