Countryfile S31E31

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s31 e31: Countryfile S31E31
Norfolk: John and Margherita are in Norfolk, where John is up at the crack of dawn to help with a release back into the wild of one of our rarest birds, the corncrake. He also meets the team behind the breeding programme and the farmers who are doing their bit by creating the right kind of wetland habitat for the birds. Margherita meets Shauna Richardson, an artist renowned for her crochet animals, an art Shauna calls crochetdermy. Margherita also meets the shepherdess and top sheepdog trainer who just happens to breed red squirrels too. Tom looks at how devices designed to scare seals away from salmon stocks could be having unintended consequences, while Joe is in Hampshire meeting a man who has made it his life’s work to save our mayflies, and Adam is in Kent meeting the young shepherdess making a name for herself in the sheepdog-handling world.

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