Evolve Wrestling 10th Anniversary Celebration 7/13/19 Part 1

Evolve Wrestling 10th Anniversary Celebration 7/13/19

Anthony Greene vs. Josh Briggs

The bell rings and Briggs begins with several arm throws and a backbreaker to Greene. Briggs goes in for a pin and Greene kicks out at 2. Briggs tries to go for a chokeslam, but misses his opportunity. Brandi Lauren tries to grab Briggs so Greene can catch his breath. Briggs is able to get out. Both men are out of the ring and now on the apron. Briggs goes for a kick and Greene grabs his leg and goes for a superkick. Greene now goes for a few chest hits while Briggs is laying on the apron. Both men are now back in the ring. Greene goes to the top rope and lands it.Backed into the corner, Greene puts in Briggs in the corner and attacks with a several kicks. With the referee’s back turned, Lauren slaps Briggs right in the face. Briggs back up on his feet throws a chest slap. Greene is back into the corner of the mat and delivers another successful superkick. Greene goes for pin and Briggs kicks out at 2. Greene and Briggs hit several back and forth kicks. Greene now has Briggs in the half crab, Briggs is able to crawl over to the first rope to break the hold. Greene then goes for the 450 but rolls through. Greene goes for the top rope and Briggs comes in time to give him a strong right hand punch. Briggs goes for the victory roll and lands it! He goes for the pin but Greene kicks out at 2. Briggs goes for a chokeslam and Greene reverses with a hit. It does not register and Briggs is able to get the pin, and the win.

Winner: Josh BriggsOnce the bell rings, Wolf goes right after Bravado and attacks him, which leaves Maluta and Stallion to go after one another. Neck breaker comes from Maluta to Stallion. Stallion rolls out and Maluta and Wolf begin throwing a few punches. Maluta goes up to the top rope and wipes out Wolf and Bravado. Stallion follows right behind with a suicide dive.

Bravado goes for a pin on Stallion and Stallion kicks out at 2. Bravado puts in a few big kicks to Wolf while he is down and in the corner of the ring. Maluta goes back into the ring and superkicks Bravado and Wolf. Maluta goes for a pin on Wolf and Wolf kicks out at 2. Wolf now runs back and forth on the ropes and lands a take down on Maluta. Stallion German Suplexes Muluta. Both Wolf and Stallion pin their opponents and the referee counts both of them but only gets a 2 count.

Stallion and Wolf stare at one another before they go for a few chest slaps. Maluta breaks it up. Wolf goes for a reversal clothesline after Maluta thought he had the lead. Bravado throws Maluta out of the ring to take care of Wolf with a death valley driver. Now Maluta and Wolf are in the ring. Wolf climbs up the top rope and Bravado pushes him down. Maluta climbs up to the second rope, then Stallion. Wolf climbs down for shooting star press and wins the match.

Winner: Stephen Wolf