Evolve Wrestling 10th Anniversary Celebration 7/13/19 Part 2

Evolve Wrestling 10th Anniversary Celebration 7/13/19

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Brandi Lauren

As the match starts, Natalia Markova comes in from behind and attacks Blackheart. Markova is here to team up with Lauren now making this a two-on-one match, except Lauren is not doing any of the work. Blackheart goes for a top rope dropkick on Markova. Markova rolls out of the ring to be comforted by Lauren and while they’re doing that, Blackheart comes out to get them with a suicide dive. With both women down, Blackheart is going underneath the ring to grab some chairs. The fans start to chant that they want tables. Lauren crawls into the ring and dropkicks Blackheart while she still has the chair in her hands.Henry refuses to give up and is trying to put Ruas to sleep. Ruas reverses with a German Suplex. He goes for the pin and Henry kicks out at 2 again. Both men are now up on their feet. Several jabs are exchanged. Ruas goes for the knee strike and Henry counter attacks with a few knee strikes of his own. Henry climbs to the top rope. Ruas throws a right hand at Henry. Henry headbutts Ruas. He then goes for a tornado DDT. Ruas and Henry are trying to go for any type of leg submission they can. Both exchange chest slaps. Now back and forth punches are exchanged. Ruas goes for a knockout kick right to Henry’s face and then goes for the pin. 1-2-3, Ruas walks out the winner.The crowd goes wild for Henry as his name is chanted the loudest when he steps into the ring. The bell rings, Ruas goes for the arm bar, but Henry is able to break the submission by putting his foot on the bottom rope. Ruas tries to grab a single leg of Henry’s but is met with a scissor leg lock. Ruas reverses hit and lifts him. A double stomp from Henry and then a dropkick. Next comes a missile dropkick from Ruas. Henry goes for submission and Ruas is fighting to break away. Ruas rolls out of the ring, and Henry goes to the apron and dives into Ruas. Ruas goes for an arm and knee strike. Ruas goes for the pin and Henry kicks out at 2.

Lauren now lines up the chairs. Blackheart is trying to distract her from her plan, she pushes Blackheart into the ring pole face first. Blackheart now fires back with a superkick. On the apron now, Lauren throws Blackheart into the post and then a powerbomb onto the apron. Lauren goes for a pin and Blackheart kicks out at 2. Blackheart is throws a rolling elbow to Lauren. Blackheart nails a cannonball on Lauren who is now in the corner.

Outside the ring again, Blackheart slams Lauren’s face into the lined up chairs that Lauren arranged awhile ago. Blackheart goes underneath the ring to get another set of charis. Blackheart is now in control with several forearms to Lauren. She has her propped up on the chairs. Anthony Greene comes out to save Lauren. Blackheart then decides to go for a suicide dive on both Greene and Lauren. Once Greene is up he attacks Blackheart and rolls her into the ring. He tells Lauren to go in there and pin her, she does and Blackheart kicks out at 2. Greene hands Lauren a kendo stick. Stallion comes out to attack Greene. In the ring Lauren keeps swinging the kendo stick on Blackhearts’ back. She goes for the pin right after and wins the match up.

Winner: Brandi Lauren