Evolve Wrestling 10th Anniversary Celebration 7/13/19 Part 3

Evolve Wrestling 10th Anniversary Celebration 7/13/19

Adam Cole (c) vs. Akira Tozawa for the NXT Championship

Both men are in their corners as the match begins. The both walk around the ring. Fans are split down the middle with “Undisputed” chants followed by “Tozawa.” Cole takes a bow after attacking Tozawa. Cole grabs hold from behind and now Tozawa takes hold of Cole’s arm. Tozawa goes for side headlock . Tozawa wrenches down on the side headlock. Cole is able to get back up. Cole now has a headlock set in, but Tozawa is able to get out of it. Tozawa now has Cole in the octopus submission. In the corner, Tozawa Irish Whips Cole. He then goes to the top rope, only to slam him down for a whiplash effect on Tozawa. Cole now in charge Irish Whips Tozawa into the corner. Cole picks him up and goes for two back kicks. Cole now has Tozawa in a headlock who is trying to make it to the ropes. He is able to get out, but Cole slams him back down onto the mat.

Tozawa has Cole on his shoulders. Tozawa took a high risk and ran right into Cole outside of the ring, getting his foot stuck in the guard rail. Tozawa brings Cole back into the ring for a cover and Cole kicks out at 2. Cole lifts up Tozawa for a neckbreaker, goes for a cover and Tozawa kicks out at 2. Both men square off with back and forth strikes. Next are several kicks between the two. A superkick connects and both men are down on the mat.

Tozawa on the top rope, Cole climbs up to the second rope. Cole is trying to grab for Tozawa but he is able to hit him. Once Cole lands back on the mat, he goes in for a superkick on Tozawa. Cole goes for a pin and Tozawa kicks out at 2. Cole goes out of the ring to pick up his NXT Championship and bring it into the ring. The referee yells out that he will disqualify him if he uses it. Johnny Gargano makes his way down the ramp! Tozawa goes to the top rope and Cole is able to knee him as he comes down. Cole then goes for the last shot. He pins Tozawa and gets the win and retains the NXT Champion.Post Match: Theory asks for the microphone. He says that EVOLVE is where it’s at and that wrestlers are going to come there and chase their dreams. Then he says that those who want the dream of the Evolve Championship will have to go through him. The lights turn off and Josh Briggs is right behind him once the lights turn back on. Briggs chokeslams Theory. He picks up the Evolve Championship and raises it.Drake pushes Theory to begin the match. Theory goes for a dropkick. Drake repeats it back to Theory, which puts him out of the ring. Drake joins Theory outside of the ring and Drake goes for a chest chop on Theory. Now up on the ramp, Theory belly drops Drake. Theory then goes for a forearm and then pushes Drake into the ring. Theory goes for the kick out and Drake kicks out at 2. Backed into the corner, Drake is getting several chest chops. He fires back on Theory to move out of the corner. Theory is trying to slow down Drake by putting him in a submission. Drake is throwing a few hits to break the submission and does so successfully. A standing moonsault follows from Theory, putting Drake down. Theory goes for the cover and a kick out at 2 for Drake.

Theory goes for several forearms and Drake gets back on his feet. He tells Theory that he can’t hit him harder then life has for him. Theory continues with the arm hits and Drake is down on a knee. Theory then goes for a clothesline and that officially puts down Drake. Both men are now back on their feet. Drake goes for a slam on Theory and now both men are down on the mat again. The referee starts the count. Now outside of the ring, a strong right hand from Drake puts Theory down. Theory in the corner, Drake goes for a chop and a slam. Drake goes up to the second rope and Theory comes up from behind. Drake hits a back elbow and Theory falls off the rope.

Drake lifts up Theory and slams him into the corner. Drake goes for a chest chop and then lifts him up to the top rope, and hits him with another chop. Theory now has Drake on his shoulders and goes for the three seconds around the world. It lands successfully, goes for the cover, Drake kicks out at 2. Drake body drops Theory. Drake runs to the opposite corner to attack Theory, Theory is able to sneak in a kick, then a stunner, and a drill bit from Drake. Drake on the top rope, moonsault and a cover, Theory kicks out at 2.

Back and forth forearm hits and chops between the two men are exchanged. Drake goes to the top rope with another moonsault. Theory escapes and lands a superkick to Drake. He goes in for the pin and comes out a double champion.