iMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary 2019 7/7/19 1

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iMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary 2019 7/7/19

TJP vs. Trey vs. Jake Crist vs. Willie Mack

Crist immediately gets double superkicked. Trey and TJP go to work on each other, Trey with an assisted hurricanrana on Mack, sending him to the outside. Trey heads to the top rope with TJP in tow, Trey flips off and hits an arm drag. Mack back in the ring, samoan drop, kip-up, standing moonsault, cover, two. Crist sends Mack out of the ring, crowd doesn’t like Crist, “you suck” chant rings out. TJP tries for a tornado DDT, no, he’s able to stretch out both Crist and Trey, Mack smashes TJP in the back of the head.TJP recovers, dropkicks Mack, spring board dropkick to Mack’s face. TJP gets sent out of the ring and Mack with a flip over the top rope to clear him out. Crist with a tornado DTT on Mack to the floor. Trey flies, lands on his feet, tries again and hits a crazy step-up twisting senton on all three opponents! Back in the ring, TJP locks in a surfboard on Trey, Crist slips under to pin TJP, Mack leaps off the top rope and double stomps Trey to break all that up. Trey goes after Crist, but after flipping away charges right into a powerslam into the corner, cover, two.

Crist with a flurry of kicks on TJP. TJP returns fire with kicks and punches of his that leads to a back suplex. Crist misses wildly with a kick, TJP brings him down and locks in the kneebar. Trey to the top rope with double knees to TJP’s face. Trey back up again, but Crist with an enziguri to stop that. Crist heads up for an ugly looking super cutter onTrey, Mack then immediately splashes down on Crist, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Willie Mack via Pinfall

– Don Callis and Josh Mathews run down the card for tonight’s show. We then see footage of The North winning the Impact World Tag Team Titles a couple days ago.

– Backstage, Melissa Santos talks with Josh Alexander and Ethan Page, she mentions how it was surprising they won the titles. Page says they already told everyone they are the best and later tonight they will show everyone why.