iMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary 2019 7/7/19 2

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iMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary 2019 7/7/19

The North talking some trash with Konnan, LAX kicks them both in the back. LAX focuses on Dez and Wentz, but they both ending up hitting stereo suicide dives on Page and Alexander. Dez and Wentz back in the ring, LAX with a double team backbreaker on Dez. Crowd very much in support of LAX. Went with two pumps kicks on LAX. Santana with a kick to Wentz’s face, then hits a cutter on Dez. Alexander with a blue thunder bomb on Went while Page clears out Ortiz. Alexander with an ankle lock on Went as Page knocks the others away. Dez finally jumps on Alexander’s back, but Page superkicks him. Santana tries to springboard in and Page pump kicks him out.Dez launches Wentz straight into Page in the corner with some velocity! They alternate strikes on Alexander, pin, two-count. Everyone going after everyone. Ortiz looked for a pin on Alexander, Page ends up launching Wentz from the top rop down on Ortiz to break that up! Dez goes up to get Page, but Alexander goes up and hits a moonsault powerslam on Dez. Page with a senton down on Dez, cover, two. Santana with a big leap off Ortiz’s back smashing into Page. LAX flip Alexander face-first to the mat. Ortiz powerbombs Page, cover, two. Santana is apparently injured and out on the floor, Konnan telling commentary to bring out medical help. In the ring Wentz and Dez try to fight off The North. Page ends up powerbombing one of the Rascalz on Ortiz. The North get the pin and the win.

Winners: The North via Pinfall

– Post-match, Santana saying he wants to walk out, not be stretchered out. He’s getting a lot of camera time, so this looks to be storyline. The Rascalz come over to check on him as he’s helped to the back.

– Sami Callihan promo about his match against Tessa Blanchard, he says it’s going to be a car crash. He then says the match will be the main event of the show.