Saving Britains Worst Zoo S01E03

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Saving Britain’s Worst Zoo
s1 e3: Saving Britains Worst Zoo S01E03
Episode 3: The Tweedy family’s zoo nightmare continues as news breaks of the shooting of the escaped lynx and the accidental death of another lynx in the zoo. With debts in excess of £300,000 and their story international news, they now face death threats online and calls for their zoo to be closed. Celebrity wildlife experts have also gone public in their condemnation of the family and the local council. With their backs to the wall and feeling under siege, the Tweedys face complete and utter ruin. For health and safety reason, the zoo remains closed to the public. The council are taking court proceedings against the Tweedys to force them to give up some of their animals, and their debtors are moving in. To make matters worse, Mark Anthony, a self-proclaimed expert animal handler and tracker who had volunteered to help them find Lilith, has had a major fall-out with Dean and Tracey Tweedy. He has gone to The Times newspaper and accused them of killing more animals away from the public eye – allegations the Tweedys strenuously deny. One ray of light is the reaction of the local community who begin to rally around the embattled zoo. Is there a way back for the family? And can they save Britain’s worst zoo.

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