Watch Garden Rescue s3 e17: Garden Rescue S03E17

Garden Rescue
s3 e17: Garden Rescue S03E17
Lee-on-Solent: Sheena and James have saved hard to raise £2,500 to create their dream garden in their Lee-on-Solent home. However, Sheena has run aground in her efforts to create a garden that is green and tree filled but also a nod to the coastal area they live in, as well as appealing to both the couple’s extended family and the area’s wildlife that James has, so far, failed to tempt into their garden. Sheena has another unlikely request for the bespoke garden design – it has to work around her beloved washing line. As ever, Charlie goes head to head with the Rich brothers to create a garden design that satisfies all the needs of Sheena and James, and all within their limited budget. Once presented with the two gardens, the couple have to pick the one they like the most. Who will James and Sheena plump for? And will it fulfil all their many needs?

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