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Garden Rescue
s4 e19: Garden Rescue S04E19
Newport Cwmcarn: In this episode, Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers, Harry and David, are in Cwmcarn, just outside Newport in Wales, to tackle Kim and Simon’s vertiginous three tiered garden. This is no simple back lawn; instead their garden is so steep it rises above the roof of the house to offer fantastic views of the local forest and mountain. Kim and Simon want to make the most of the amazing views but have no idea how to tackle the impossible tiers. Luckily, they know of people who do, Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers! A call to help with this ‘high rise’ garden certainly ‘peaks’ the three designers’ interest! And for Welsh lads, Harry and David, they can’t resist the call of ‘home’ either. Kim and Simon have a healthy £5,000 budget, but they’ll need every penny of that to tame this monster and make it fit for their smartly decorated home. So, can Charlie, Harry and David come up with a pair of designs that deliver Kim and Simon’s dream garden? As ever, when the designers go head to head to pitch for the right to build their design, it’s clear they have different ideas for what Kim and Simon need. The brothers want to create a series of retaining walls clad in weathered steel and three different seating areas, one in paving, one in bound gravel and one in lawn, so each garden tier feels very different. Charlie, on the other hand, wants to create boardwalks, veg beds and a water feature to add stop-off points amid the dramatic views. So, whose design will Kim and Simon pick and, with the clock running, can the designers, aided by their trusted team of landscapers, take on the high-risk challenge of this high level garden and deliver the couple’s dream garden?

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