The Oracle: The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled Hardcover – September 3, 2019

The Oracle will uncover the puzzle behind everything…the past, the present, recent developments, even what is yet to come! Open the seven entryways of disclosure—and plan to be overwhelmed!

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Jonathan Cahn, writer of the New York Times smash hits The Harbinger, The Mystery of the Shemitah, The Book of Mysteries, and The Paradigm, presently discloses The Oracle, wherein he opens up the Jubilean puzzles and a disclosure so huge that it lies behind everything from the ascent and fall of countries and domains (even America), to the recent developments of our day, to the future, to end-time prediction, and significantly more.

Could an antiquated prediction and a baffling statute given in a Middle Eastern desert more than 3,000 years prior decide the occasions of our day?

Could probably the most well known individuals of present day history and recent developments be covertly connected to this riddle even a cutting edge leader of the United States?

Could this old disclosure pinpoint the occasions of our occasions down to the year, month, and day of their happening?

Could a puzzling marvel show on the world stage on a definite timetable decided from old occasions?

Could these appearances have adjusted and now be changing the course of world occasions?

Jonathan Cahn takes the peruser on an adventure to discover the man called the Oracle. Individually every one of the Jubilean riddles will be uncovered through the giving of a dream. The Oracle will reveal the riddles of The Stranger, The Lost City, The Man With the Measuring Line, The Land of Seven Wells, The Birds, The Number of the End, The Man operating at a profit Robe, The Prophet’s Song, The Matrix of Years, The Day of the Lions, The Awakening of the Dragon, and substantially more.

The peruser will find the antiquated parchments that contain the selected words that have decided the course of world history from the beginning of present day times up to our day. The disclosure is enormous to the point that it will include and open up the puzzles of everything and everybody from Mark Twain to Moses, from King Nebuchadnezzar to Donald Trump, from the fall of domains to the ascent of America, from a riddle covered up in a desert cavern to another in an old look, from the castle of the Persian Empire to the US Senate, from the Summer of Love to the Code of Babylon, and a whole lot more.

At last the Oracle will uncover the mystery that lies behind end-time prediction and the puzzle of the part of the bargain.

Similarly as with The Harbinger and The Book of Mysteries, Cahn uncovers the secrets through an account. A voyager is given seven keys; each will open up one of seven entryways. Behind every entryway lies a flood of secrets. The peruser will be taken on a voyage of holy messengers and prophetic disclosures holding on to be found behind every one of the seven entryways the old privileged insights that lie behind the world-changing occasions of current occasions and disclosures of what is yet to come.

Hailed as an awesome perfect work of art, The Oracle will uncover puzzles that are completely genuine, astonishing, dazzling, stunning, and extraordinary.

Get ready to be overwhelmed.