Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince by Maximum Games

Platform: PS4, XBO, NS
Release date: September 30, 2019


Experience the most complete Trine at any point made!

Dazzling, 2.5D scenes. Investigate remarkably planned levels in lovely, 2.5 measurements, from stunning remnants and frequented tombs to serene birch forests and blueberry woods

Neighborhood and online multiplayer. Play with up to 4 players on the web or in nearby community

Enthralling narrating. Pursue the account of a spooky sovereign as you venture through enchanted fantasy scenes occupied by neighborly animals, just as a large group of nightmarish enemies

Dynamic riddle unraveling. Understand bewilders – solo or with companions – that component fire, air, light, magnets, power and that’s just the beginning, with provokes custom-made to the quantity of players

Plentiful expertise trees. Open stunning new capacities and abilities to use in navigating the 2.5D condition, settle riddles, and fight enemies

Totally patched up battle framework. Experience the saints’ own bloodcurdling bad dreams in manager battles including an enhanced battle framework with new difficulties and exciting activity!

Captivating soundtrack. Appreciate a wondrous soundtrack with melodies that carry life to each new condition

Pre-requests will likewise get reward in-game substance

The smash hit Trine arrangement comes back to the enchantment of 2.5D! Join three notable legends as they set off on a journey through fantastical fantasy scenes to spare the world from the Nightmare Prince’s shadows. Get Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince alongside a printed guide of the universe of Trine 4 with this retail release.

Pre-requests will likewise get reward in-game substance.

Experience the most complete Trine at any point made!

The Trine arrangement comes back to the enchantment of 2.5D with Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince! The three saints of the top of the line experience arrangement are back, sent on a mission to recover the grieved youthful Prince Selius. Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight, and Zoya the Thief are combined indeed on an exciting mission through fantastical fantasy scenes overflowing with risk.

Ruler Selius experiences seriously dim dreams and, because of his mystical abilities, enormous bad dreams can slip into the real world and unleash ruin on the waking scene. Amadeus, Pontius, and Zoya must locate the harrowed ruler and resolve the urgent circumstance before the world is overwhelmed by the Nightmare Prince’s shadows.

Trine 4 arrives at new statures in the arrangement, bringing the most complete ongoing interaction experience ever to fans and new players the same!.

Ongoing interaction

The player controls and switches between three unique characters (a hoodlum, a knight, and a wizard) to attempt to finish levels. There is additionally a helpful play highlight, whereby numerous players can participate whenever to control various characters at the same time. Each character has their own wellbeing and vitality meter. Vitality is utilized for specific weapons and capacities, and is renewed by blue-shaded containers found all through levels. Wellbeing is recharged by gathering heart-formed compartments, which come about because of devastating certain adversaries.

The player likewise has a solitary encounter rating that is shared among all characters, and is increased by obtaining green-hued jugs found all through levels. Each 50 experience focuses, each character is given one point towards the acquisition of moves up to their capacities. Money boxes are additionally spread all through levels, each containing an appeal that offers the bearing character new or redesigned capacities. The player can move these items between characters, however some will just affect certain characters.

Checkpoints are spread all through levels, as silver spheres on platforms. After intersection a checkpoint, any perished characters are breathed life into back, and any characters beneath a specific measure of wellbeing and vitality are renewed up to that sum. The measure of vitality and wellbeing recharged is needy upon the trouble setting picked by the player. At the point when a character passes on, the player must pick another living character to keep playing the level. In the event that each of the three characters bite the dust, the player is sent back to the last checkpoint crossed, and every one of the three characters are restored.

Adversaries basically incorporate strolling skeletons, creepy crawlies, and bats, alongside manager characters, similar to goliath skeletons and other enormous animals. A few skeletons are furnished with swords, others with bows and bolts, some spit fire, and some have shields. Skeletons are fit for scaling dividers. Different perils incorporate magma, fireballs, goliath sharp pendulums, and different other booby traps.

Trine utilizes Nvidia’s PhysX material science motor to give articles and characters full material science communication.


Zoya the Thief, the first of the three legends presented in the game, is voiced by Vicky Krueger. The Thief’s weapon is her bow and bolt. The bow can be “charged” by holding down the shoot catch before discharging, and longer charges make for more distant, straighter shots. The Thief likewise has a catching snare which can be terminated at wooden surfaces. Standard bolts and the catching snare are boundless, and don’t decrease the Thief’s vitality. Sooner or later during the game, the Thief can obtain the capacity to shoot blazing bolts, which do decrease her vitality. Flaring bolts incur more harm on foes, can break certain items, and can light lights found in certain dim zones of the game. The Thief’s potential redesigns incorporate shooting more bolts with each shot, quicker charging of the bow, and more harm exacted with the flaring bolt. She is the calmest of the three legends, and takes a solid getting a kick out of the chance to the enchanted woodland vestiges introduced towards the finish of the game.

Amadeus the Wizard, voiced by Kevin Howarth, can utilize witchcraft to move protests remotely, just as invoke new items into reality. At first, the Wizard is just ready to invoke a 3D square molded article. Sooner or later in the game, he secures the capacity to invoke an elongated stage (called a “board” in the game). The case and board carry on as typical articles, complying with the laws of material science and gravity. The Wizard later secures the capacity to summon a drifting article formed like a square pyramid (called a skimming stage in the game), which stays at a fixed point in space except if the Wizard moves it.

Invoked items are fundamentally used to help conquered deterrents and arrive at troublesome regions. The board, for instance, can be utilized to extension holes. All conjuring and remote moving channels the Wizard’s vitality. The Wizard has no customary assaults, anyway he can pulverize certain adversaries by flinging objects into them. He can likewise square assaults by conjuring or moving articles in their way. The Wizard’s potential updates incorporate the capacity to invoke more than one box or board into synchronous presence (while at first just one of each could be on the screen on the double), changing future summoned skimming stages into wood (with the goal that the Thief can connect her catching snare to it), and making the gliding stage into an unstable that the Knight or criminal can trigger. In the game, he is appeared as being savvy yet in addition absurd, fearful yet decided, and envisions himself to be somewhat of a women man.

Pontius the Knight’s underlying weapons are his sword and shield. He is voiced in the game by Brian Bowles, and is exhibited as a fearless and faithful partner regardless of the reality he isn’t that brilliant, and has a solid love for nourishment and drink. The player can sooner or later secure a blazing sword during the game, which the Knight can use to perpetrate more harm just as use to light lights; the player can likewise get a heavy hammer for Pontius. The Knight additionally can lift certain articles and throw them, and his shield can be utilized to redirect foe assaults, just as falling items and shots. The Knight’s potential updates incorporate extra sword harm, charging assaults, and extra heavy hammer assaults.


Trine happens in a neglected and demolished kingdom. Subsequent to getting a charge out of a time of extraordinary harmony, the ruler kicked the bucket without leaving a beneficiary, diving the kingdom into political unsteadiness. Exploiting the turmoil, an undead armed force abruptly showed up and assaulted, constraining the occupants to desert the domain, put something aside for those couple of spirits bold enough to confront the dangers that had now come to pass for it.

The game’s story is principally told by an infinitely knowledgeable storyteller voiced by Terry Wilton. Talking sometime later, he fills in plot subtleties in the middle of the levels, just as presenting and finishing up the game.

After some time, the Astral Academy, an organization of otherworldly investigations, is emptied due to the undead hazard; Zoya the Thief considers this to be a chance to look the foundation for fortune. Obscure to her, Amadeus the Wizard is simply awakening subsequent to dozing for a fortnight because of an exploded backward mixture he arranged while attempting to become familiar with the fireball spell; he understands he should escape right away. At long last, Pontius the Knight had likewise shown up, persuaded that it was his obligation to ensure the foundation. The three meet at the altar of old fortune and, contacting a mysterious article simultaneously, vanish. The Wizard reviews that the fortune is really an ancient rarity called the Trine, which has the ability to tie spirits. This outcomes in just one of them having the option to physically exist, with the other two being compelled to stay inside the Trine. Amadeus additionally recollects that the Trine was associated with the legend of a gatekeeper, whose tomb could be found under the Astral Academy.

Scanning for an approach to free themselves of the Trine’s impact, the three saints investigate the sepulchers under the foundation, finding the gatekeeper’s tomb. The Wizard decodes a portion of the engravings recorded on it and finds that there were once three antiques: one for the spirit, one for the brain and one for the body, each secured by a watchman. The watchmen utilized the three items to keep up harmony all through the kingdom. Amadeus accepts that rejoining the three ancient rarities may fix the entrancing their spirits. The engravings additionally recommend that the antique of the psyche was monitored in the stronghold of the old lord. The trio look through the mansion; while they don’t discover the antique, they gain from the lord’s diary that the three relics were initially made in certain remains drenched in a huge timberland, the home of the three gatekeepers.

In the remains, one of the gatekeepers give the saints dreams of the past. These remnants were the resting spot of the antiquity of body, however a seismic tremor left its place of worship defenseless and it was taken. It was then by one way or another combined with the ancient rarity of the brain. Without the Trine, the ancient rarity of spirits, the other two ended up polluted and brought forth a detestable pinnacle and the undead, animals with a physical body and equipped for idea, however without reason and honorableness. The trio rises the pinnacle, keeping away from the impediments made by the tormented soul of the old lord and joins the Trine with the two lost antiquities, unbinding their spirits. The undead are purged through the kingdom, enabling it to inevitably recoup, with the Wizard, the Thief and the Knight declared as its saints. The game closures with the storyteller depicting what befalls the three legends; Pontius yields to his actual energy and turns into the new lord’s imperial lager supplier, Zoya is given rule over the timberland remains, and Amadeus gets hitched to a woman called Margaret, who brings forth triplets that ace the fireball as newborn children.


Trine was initially begun as a side-venture by Jukka Kokkonen, Frozenbyte’s senior software engineer, while the remainder of the group was taking a shot at another task. The other venture kept running into distributer and financing issues be that as it may, and the group chose to concentrate their endeavors rather on creating Trine.


The game was first discharged for Windows on July 3, 2009. The PlayStation Network form was to be discharged in July 2009, however a minute ago bugs found in testing caused a delay.It was discharged on September 17, 2009 in Europenand on October 22, 2009 in North America.A port of the game to OS X was discharged on November 2, 2010. On June 18, 2014 a beta for Trine: Enchanted Edition was discharged.

The game was later ported to Linux by Alternative Games, with the completed port being first discharged as a major aspect of the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle. A rendition for Xbox Live Arcade was being created by Atlus, however “undoubtedly won’t occur” as per Frozenbyte.