WWE 205 Live 7/9/19

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WWE 205 Live 7/9/19

Kendrick was placed in a side headlock, managing to fight out only to be taken down by a backbreaker from Singh. A second rope elbow drop was avoided, as the former Cruiserweight Champion began to build steam. A handful of right hands setup Singh to be launched into the corner. Coming out he was met with a crescent kick. Kendrick attempted Sliced Bread No. 2, but Singh sent him face first into the turnbuckle.

Kendrick recovered quite quickly, though, and turned a suplex attempt into the Captain’s Hook.

Results: The Brian Kendrick defeated Sunil Singh via submissio On the outside, Samir distracted Kendrick, allowing Sunil Singh to toss him into the ring steps. Back inside, he continued the assault, mounting him for a series of punches and connecting with a series of elbow drops. Kendrick fought him off in the ropes, but as Sunil Singh was being checked on by the ref, Samir clocked Kendrick on the side of the head, allowing Sunil to send him back to the ground thanks to a jumping knee to the back.