WWE NXT 7/10/19 – 10th July 2019 – 10/7/2019

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WWE NXT 7/10/19

Dawkins offers another handshake, which Burch accepts – but just to kick the Curse of Greatness in the bread basket. He drags Angelo to the Brit-Am corner, tag and dual Russian leg sweep gets Oney two. Double suplex for another nearfall. This leads to a deep crossface from Burch that Ford has to come in and kick his partner free of. The Guvner is pissed, and stares down Tez before ground-and-pounding Dawkins. Angelo evades a drop kick from the second turnbuckle, and both men tag. Ford in hot with lariats for everyone, and an Alabama Slam on Lorcan followed by a belly-to-back suplex and a standing moonsault for two. Tag to Dawkins for a pair of spinning elbows and an assisted Sliced Bread #2 on Lorcan, but Oney kicks out! The Profits try to for a Doomsday Device-looking move, but Lorcan gets out of the electric chair and puts Ford face first into the turnbuckle. Dropkick/suplex combo from the Brawlers gets a great nearfall on Tez, and Burch can’t believe it. A big German sends Ford bouncing into a tag, and in the ensuing dust-up, all four men end up down.

Lorcan and Ford up, and proceed to chop each other into ground beef. Kick to the mid-section from the champ stops that. Oney dodges a charge, and Montez ends up flying over everybody, clipping Burch but mostly eating ramp. Lorcan tries to follow, but Dawkins cuts him off. After a spinebuster and a frog splash, they champs retain.Myles offers a hand at the outset, then returns the bow Boa offers in return. The much larger Boa gets a takedown off the lock-up, and another when Myles uses his speed to escape. A third attempt is blocked, and reversed into an armbar. They trade holds until Myles springboards out, evades, and hits a drop kick out of a double double backflip. A faux-jumper leaves Jordan open for an attack, but Boa isn’t really able to capitalize for a minute until he hits a roundhouse kick. Muy Thai knees in the corner, followed by a forearm to the ribs and more kicks to the chest. More knees in the clinch, but Myles blocks a kick. He evades a charge, but is covered for two after a butterfly suplex. The crowd cheers for the former ACH and he strives for the ropes to get a break, but has to go for a pin from an armbar to get free. Jordan calls for more kicks and Hulks up. He lands a flurry of kicks and is able to use his speed to keep the advantage, sweeping the leg and hitting another drop kick. Spinning clothesline, and a jumper from the top rope before the last move.

– Our final first round match is next week, Dexter Lumis vs. Bronson Reed

– Baszler is answering questions from “the press”. She knows the title puts a target on her back, and she heard Mia Yim’s story. It’s great, but she’s heard it plenty of times in the fight game. And when you stand opposite her, the story always ends the same – tap, nap or snap.

– Keith Lee gets a video. He notes that he’s been here for a year, and faced all kinds of guys, but no one’s looked at him and said, “he’s the one”. Despite never being the chosen one, he always ends up on top. He hasn’t reached the goals he’s set for himself, to be Limitless. So in year two, there’s gonna have to be some changes. Limitless doesn’t cut it any more. To be the guy, the main event, he’ll become Infinite.

– “Earlier today”, interviewer guy met with General Manager William Regal outside the Performance Center. He says people from all brands have been coming here to face Kushida, and next week, Apollo Crews will return to face the Japanese sensation. We’ll also get Adam Cole’s first NXT title defense.

– Street Profits def. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch via pinfall to retain the NXT Tag Team titles

Lights dimmed for championship introductions from Alicia Warrington. Handshake at the outset, then Montez Ford starts with Lorcan. Tez counters a wristlock, in part with a cartwheel, and says “WRESTLING” to a nice pop. Angelo Dawkins in for a tandem shoulder block takedown, but Oney gets free during some braggadocio from Dawkins to make the tag. Burch comes in for a fight, but a blind tag leads to double flap jacks and then a double Bonsai Drop from Ford. The challengers head outside to regroup.