WWE RAW 7/8/19 3

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WWE RAW 7/8/19

Rollins and Lynch celebrate heading up the ramp. Baron Corbin attacks Rollins from behind. Lynch swings at Corbin a few times, but he backs off. Lacey Evans comes out and gives Lynch the Woman’s Right. Corbin continues to punch away at Rollins before walking off with Evans.

Paul Heyman then comes out to a nice reception. Heyman looks at Rollins to insinuate maybe Brock Lesnar will cash in Money in the Bank.Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans are backstage. Corbin says that was too easy. Love makes people blind. They talk about how costing one another a title will affect their relationship. Evans says being a couple isn’t an asset; it’s a liability.

The ring announcer introduces Paul Heyman. Heyman says, “Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and I am the advocate for Mr. Money in the Bank 2019 Brock Lesnar.” Heyman says it’s time to get down to business and shoot from the hip. This Sunday there is a PPV called Extreme Rules. Heyman happens to know something about the word “extreme.” The show will emanate from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Heyman happens to know a lot about extreme in Philadelphia. This Sunday at Philadelphia at Extreme Rules, his client Brock Lesnar will cash in his Money in the Bank contract against either WWE Champion Kofi Kingston or WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins. That’s not a prediction… it’s a spoiler.

Heyman hasn’t violated a spoiler since before WrestleMania 30. If he wanted to put out some misinformation, he’s built up his credibility enough that this is the time to lie. Heyman has either given us a heads up for a historical event heading into Sunday or he’s playing head games with Rollins and Kingston. Only he knows. Well another being knows: the former and future champion Brock Lesnar. Heyman walks off.