WWE RAW 7/8/19 Part 1

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WWE RAW 7/8/19

Roman Reigns is standing backstage when Charly Caruso ambushes him for an interview. She asks about Shane McMahon’s team playing mind games. Reigns says with his partner, the only team playing mind games is his team.

Ricochet makes his entrance. Ricochet says a few weeks ago when AJ Styles challenged him to a match, he figured it was great to face someone he’s looked up to. Last week, that’s what he did. Before he could even celebrate the biggest win of his career, Gallows and Anderson along with Styles gave him the beating of his life. Now he has Styles at Extreme Rules. As far as tonight, we know what’s going to happen. Luke Gallows won’t be alone. He’ll have Karl Anderson and AJ Styles. Ricochet says in the end he’ll have to fight all three.

The Club makes their entrance. AJ Styles thanks Ricochet for reminding the world who he is, but he wants to give him some advice. In the WWE, they move quickly. Styles tells Ricochet to appreciate the moment because Gallows is going to stomp a mudhole in him. As far as appreciating the moment, they can appreciate the moment they had on RAW last week.

Video Package: AJ Styles and The Club reform to attack Ricochet

Ricochet vs. Luke Gallows w/ The Club
The bell rings, and Ricochet attacks Gallows. Gallows quickly chokeslams him down. Gallows gloats a bit before covering for a near fall. Gallows punches away at Ricochet in the corner and pulls him out. Ricochet fights back with some right hand and hits the ropes, but Gallows big boots him down. AJ Styles talks trash from ringside. Gallows elbows away at the chest and applies a chin lock. Ricochet fights up, but Gallows clubs him down. Ricochet fights up, but Gallows head-butts him in the back of the head. Ricochet still tries to fight back, but Gallows turns him inside out with a clothesline. Gallows gloats around and looks at The Club. Ricochet then rolls him up for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Ricochet
The Club is disgusted at ringside. AJ Styles grabs a microphone. Styles says they can leave it right there or they can do what Ricochet said. Ricochet said he’d run through all three of them. Styles then tells Ricochet to take on Karl Anderson… unless he’s not man enough.R-Truth and Carmella are looking for Drake Maverick backstage. R-Truth keeps looking in random places like a small drawer. R-Truth wants his baby back and is concerned he is feeding the 24/7 Championship and not showing “her” horror movies. All of a sudden, Drake Maverick runs by him chased by a number of RAW superstars. Carmella tells him to follow them, but R-Truth runs in the opposite direction.

Colin Justin and Devon Justin vs. The Viking Raiders
Erik takes one of them down with a German Suplex. The other tags in, and Erik viciously rag dolls the man. Ivar tags in, and Erik powerbombs the man. Ivar hits a top rope splash, but lifts up the shoulders before the count of three. The other Justin is thrown in. Erik tags in. Erik gives both Justins a falling slam/powerbomb combo. They then hit The Viking Experience to win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Viking Raiders
Drake Maverick runs in through the crowd followed by the RAW superstars. The Viking Raiders take down one of the superstars. R-Truth gets in the ring and looks at them nervously before running off with Carmella on his back.Rollins and Lynch celebrate heading up the ramp. Baron Corbin attacks Rollins from behind. Lynch swings at Corbin a few times, but he backs off. Lacey Evans comes out and gives Lynch the Woman’s Right. Corbin continues to punch away at Rollins before walking off with Evans.

Paul Heyman then comes out to a nice reception. Heyman looks at Rollins to insinuate maybe Brock Lesnar will cash in Money in the Bank.Andrade take Rollins down. Lynch is still on the apron despite the fact that she legally cannot enter the match since Vega is eliminated. Vega is at ringside holding her arm. Andrade takes Rollins down and kicks him in the head for a two count. Andrade applies a chin lock, but Rollins quickly fights up. Andrade knees him and connects with a scoop slam. Andrade goes to the top rope, but Rollins cuts him off. Andrade fights him off and puts him in the tree of woe. Andrade hits a double stomp to the mat for a near fall. Andrade goes for the Three Amigos, but Rollins counters the third suplex into a falcon arrow for a near fall.

Rollins fights back at Andrade and forearms him. Andrade drops him onto the apron, but Rollins punches him back before hitting a springboard flying knee for a near fall. Rollins goes to the top rope, but Andrade shoves him off to the floor. Andrade distracts the referee, so Vega hits him with a hurricanrana DDT. Lynch jumps off the apron and hits Vega with a flying forearm. Lynch punches away at her until Andrade pulls her off. Rollins fights him off and checks on Lynch. Lynch shoves Rollins out of the way and takes a shoulder block from Andrade!