WWE RAW 7/8/19 Part 2

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WWE RAW 7/8/19

The commentators plug the EVOLVE 10th Anniversary Celebration this Saturday on the WWE Network. They then talk about Extreme Rules.

Renee Michelle is sitting backstage looking upset. Drake Maverick runs up yells that he survived the night as the WWE 24/7 Champion! R-Truth emerges from the crate with the referee. R-Truth stares at Maverick and yells, “Hornswoggle! That’s my baby!” Maverick runs off. The referee jumps on R-Truth’s back, and he chases him with Carmella rooting him on. They run by Bayley who smiles. Styles immediately attacks Ricochet and punches away at him. The crowd boos him. Gallows soon joins in and punches Ricochet. Styles grabs Ricochet and hits a modified neckbreaker. Anderson and Gallows then hit the Magic Killer. Styles goes to the second rope. Anderson and Gallows then give Ricochet to him. Styles feigns going to give him a Styles Clash off the second rope, but he lets Ricochet go. Styles grabs a microphone. Styles says he’s a good guy. He’ll leave a little of Ricochet left as long as he stays down so he doesn’t have any excuses at Extreme Rules when Styles beats him.

The Club walk off, but they see Ricochet getting to his feet. Gallows and Anderson run in and hold Ricochet up. Styles crushes Ricochet with a Phenomenal Forearm. The Club stands tall over the broken United States Champion.Ricochet vs. Karl Anderson w/ The Club
Anderson quickly attacks him at the sound of the bell, but Ricochet soon elbows him back. Ricochet boots him and connects with a springboard clothesline for a two count. Ricochet punches Anderson before AJ Styles gets on the apron. Anderson quickly takes advantage of the distraction to send Ricochet headfirst into the turnbuckles. Anderson stomps away at him before sending him into the ropes for a shoulder block. Anderson picks up a two count. Anderson applies a chin lock. Ricochet fights up and punches him back. Ricochet charges, but Anderson floors him with a big spinebuster for a near fall. Anderson uppercuts him a few times before hitting the ropes. Ricochet hits a backflip kick and a dropkick. Styles grabs the feet, and Anderson uppercuts Ricochet down. Anderson sends him into the ropes, and Ricochet counters by hitting Luke Gallows at ringside with a Fosbury Flop. Styles tries to attack, but Ricochet hits him with a second rope moonsault block to the floor!
Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre are talking to the janitor backstage. The janitor’s name is Gary. McMahon offers him $5,000 to stand on the apron and not wrestle. Gary accepts.

Beat The Clock Challenge Match
Bayley vs. Sarah Logan
Bayley comes out swinging and soon hits a cross-body block for a two count. Bayley knees her in the corner and goes to the second rope. Logan shoves Bayley to the apron, but Bayley avoids her. Logan quickly head-butts her down before baseball sliding her out of the ring. We’re 1:30 into this match. Bayley gets in the ring, and Logan pins her for a near fall. Bayley tries to reverse a whip to the corner, but Logan stops her. Logan dropkicks her down for a near fall. Bayley tries to fight back, but Logan takes her down and applies an inverted cloverleaf. Bayley gets to the bottom rope. We’re not 3:30 into this match. Bayley avoids a baseball slide and knees her in the face. Logan quickly takes her down for a near fall. The crowd starts an embarrassing “CM Punk” chant. Bayley hits a sunset flip bomb into the turnbuckles for the win at 4:32.

Winner by Pinfall in 4:32: Bayley
Nikki Cross makes her entrance. She’ll take on Dana Brooke. Cross has to beat Brooke in less than 4:32 in order to pick the stipulation for the Smackdown Women’s Championship at WWE Extreme Rules on Sunday.

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Beat The Clock Challenge Match
Nikki Cross vs. Dana Brooke
Nikki Cross must win in less than 4:32 to win the challenge.

Dana Brooke spends a good portion running away from Cross. Cross eventually gets her in the ring and fights her. Brooke goes for a top rope dive, but Cross moves. Cross hits her neckbreaker to win with 1:50 left.