WWE Smackdown Live 7/9/19 Part 1

WWE Smackdown Live 7/9/19

WWE Smackdown kicks off with scenes from earlier during the day. Dolph is outside of the arena with Kayla. Ziggler calls Kevin Owens useless about how he has to carry Owens on his back just like he has done with the company. In the back, Owens pulls into the arena honking, cutting Ziggler off.

Kevin Owens gets out of the car and Ziggler isn’t happy about it. The two start arguing and Owens hits him with a right hand as the two start to fight. WWE Superstars break up the fight.

Shane McMahon comes out and tells the staff and security to take Kevin Owens away. He tells Owens to take his car and get out of the arena.

Live in the arena, Shane is asked about why he cancelled tonight’s main event. Shane says what happened earlier was out of control and it’s Owens who instigated the fight. When asked about the main event, Shane said he has a few ideas and will let us know.

At ringside, Kevin Owens has a microphone and he says Shane has to hear the truth. Owens says he’s done being a nice guy since it didn’t get him anywhere. A while ago, he saw the entire McMahon family say they will listen to the fans but the only thing that has happened since then is that Shane has gotten more power, authority and television time than anyone. And no one wanted that. Now they have to sit back every week on every show to hear Shane call himself the best in the world.

Shane comes out and says to cut Kevin’s microphone off. Kevin grabs another microphone as Shane walks down to the ring. Owens says it’s an insult to everyone in the back and it makes him sick and it makes everybody sick. Kevin says when Shane calls himself the best in the world, it makes everyone, including himself, want Shane to kiss his ass.

Kevin’s microphone is cut off as he grabs a headset. Security runs after Kevin Owens as he goes through the crowd.