WWE Smackdown Live 7/9/19 Part 3

WWE Smackdown Live 7/9/19

WWE Smackdown women’s contract signing
Kayla Braxton is in the ring as she introduces Nikki Cross who is representing herself and Alexa Bliss. Out comes Nikki as Kayla introduces Bayley as the champion comes down to the ring.

Kayla mentions how it will be a 2 on 1 handicap match and this puts a lot of pressure on Bayley. She asks Bayley why she attacked Nikki after the match on Raw. Bayley says she is here to sign the contract and Alexa isn’t here but she is happy that Nikki is. She says her and Nikki are a lot alike. When she first got to WWE, she was star struck but learned quickly that people used her when they wanted something. Nikki says good to know that Bayley on Raw was the real her. Bayley says Alexa has gotten into Nikki’s head and asks if she is ok with helping somebody else win a championship.

Bayley says on Sunday, she is at impossible odds but Nikki doesn’t need Alexa. But on Sunday, she will bring everything she has and what will happen when Alexa loses and she blames Nikki? Bayley signs the contract as Nikki says she wants to help her friend but \she wouldn’t understand that as all her friends abandoned her. Alexa promised that on Sunday whent hey win, she won’t hold that championship alone because her and Alexa will become the first ever Smackdown women’s champions co-champions.

Nikki sign the contract and asks Bayley to stick around for her match with Carmella.