WWE Smackdown Live 7/9/19 Part 4

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WWE Smackdown Live 7/9/19

Nikki Cross vs. Carmella
The bell rings and a cross body by Nikki. She pushes Carmella into the corner and stomps on her. A snap mare by Nikki followed by a dropkick. She goes for the cover but a two count only. Nikki slams Carmella’s head into the ring mat. Nikki with a snap suplex. She goes for the cover but again a kick out.

Nikki with a modified arm bar head lock. Carmella reverses it into a cover but Nikki kicks out. Nikki with another head lock. Carmella gets out of it. She gets up and a clothesline by Nikki. Carmella with a right hand but Nikki reacts with a right hand of her own. Nikki goes for a cross body but Carmella ducks as both women are down.

A clothesline by Carmella. She throws Nikki in the corner and does the bronco buster. Carmella goes for the super kick but Nikki reverses it as Carmella goes for the pin, Carmella goes for the kick but Nikki with a spinning neck breaker. She goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Nikki Cross
The IIconics are backstage leaving their locker room as Paige is there with Asuka and Kairi Sane. Paige says they want a tag team match tonight. The IIconics mention that Billie Kay is sick. When asked what she has, both Billie and Peyton give a different answer. Paige says since they won the titles, they have been doing nothing and calls them annoying clowns. Paige says the match is coming, it may not be tonight but it’s coming.