WWE Smackdown Live 7/9/19 Part 7

WWE Smackdown Live 7/9/19

A video of Ali talking air. He says when you see evil, you’re supposed to run but he runs towards it. But he knows evil only wins when the good stand by and do nothing. It doesn’t natter what evil looks like, he has seen them all and fought them all. He saw them every night as a police officer. There is no monster who can scare him, no evil he will not battle. If anyone is facing their own evil, to remember that evil only wins when you don’t show up to fight.

Aleister Black segment, opponent revealed
We see a split screen. Black on oneside and an emty chair on the other. Black is asked about his match on Sunday at Extreme Rules. The contract has been signed and his opponent will not identify himself at this time. Aleister being to laugh and says very good. He sees what he’s doing, it’s something he would do. He is applauding his opponent. It’s smart, really smart. But at this point he doesn’t care anymore. On the other screen, we see a white suit and a white hand circling around the chair. The person sits down and it’s Cesaro.

He begins to talk. Cesaro says he is the one who knocked on his door because he wants to pick a fight with him. Aleister says so very good Mr. Cesaro. Because this Sunday, he will fight him. Black stands up and leaves.

The screen cuts to Shelton Benjamin. He is asked if Dolph will finally prove it should be him. Benjamin gives a smirk as he leaves.